Bruce Cook

Bruce COOk was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1947.

In 1986 he established a freelance photography business in Adelaide which specialized in wedding, aerial, and motor sports photography. He relocated the business to Sydney in 1999 and concentrated on wedding and celebrity photography.

Then in 2004, while holidaying on the idyllic Greek island of Santorini, he met Gabriele Klassen….


Gabriele Klassen

Gabriele KLAssen was born in Cologne, Germany in 1961.

After graduating she soon became active in various artistic pursuits including interior decoration, costume design, theatre makeup, and creating her own unique form of artwork.

In 1982 she moved to Santorini and the following year co-founded a retail business making self-designed clothing and accessories. She left the business in 1991 to follow a new direction, creating artwork and sculptures that she sold and exhibited in local Santorini shops and galleries.

And it was there, during the summer of 2004, that she met Bruce Cook….


Bruce Cook and Gabriele Klassen

Gabriele and Bruce quickly recognized each other’s talents and in 2014 combined to create a range of exclusive clothing by blending artistic photography with original, unique designs – and the ‘cooKLA‘ label was born.

Today they live on the quiet Greek island of Paros where Gabriele continues her artwork and sculpturing, Bruce pursues his photographic interests ….and together they create new collections for the ‘cooKLA‘ fashion label.

Gabriele Klassen Artwork